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Coil framing nailer (Ga.10-13 80mm)

air nailer guns, stapler gun, coil nailer,framing guns
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DP-6247 / CN80

DP-6247B / CN90

Coil Framing Nailer (Gauge.10-13)

*Ga.10-13 wire collation coil framing nails in 15 degree from 45mm (1-3/4'') to 80mm (3-1/4'') or 90mm (3-1/2")

*Shank Dia. 2.5-3.3mm (0.099-0.131'')

*Capacity: 225-300pcs

*Durable Die casting Alum.housing with light weight (3.8kgs) and well-balanced

*Quick connector included with dust free cover.

*3600 Adjustable air exhausting

*Rubber comfortable grip

*BMC package included with standard accessories such as hex wrench, oil pot, safety goofle etc.

*Widely used in roofing/ Decking, Subflooring, Siding, Sheathing, Pallet Construction, Fencing/Framing etc

**The tool is similar to

Bostitch N80CB-1 Industrial Coil Framing Nailer

Hitachi NV83A2 2" to 3-1/4" Coil Framer

Max CN80 Coil Nailers



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