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Air pneumatic screw driver

air screwdriver tools,pneumatic screw drivers
Data for the air pneumatic tools

Dino-power supply full range of Air Pneumatic Tools, air screwdrivers, Pneumatic screw drivers, air impact screwdriver with very strong power, and low speed clutch type screw drivers for electronic assembling lines. In straight in line shapes, and also pistol types. They can meet your all kinds of woodworking / repairing / decorating / building / assembling jobs with fast efficiency. Guaranteed quality and competitive price!


Air pneumatic Screw Driver   (twin hammer)

*Capacity: 8-10mm

*MaxTorque: 60ft-lbf (80N.m)

*Free Speed: 8500RPM

*Air consumption: 5cfm

*Working Pressure: 90PSI

*Air Hose : 3/8"

*Air Inlet : 1/4"

*F/R adjusting knob

*Net weight: 1.1kgs

*High torque with durable twin hammer mechanism.

*Built-in air regulator

*Convenient 1/4" hex.quick change chuck with positive ball locking

*Ideal for most kinds of heavy duty fastening jobs like woodworking, door/window, wall boards, assembly line etc.


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