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Industrial 5/6 inch orbit sanders

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We're professional supplier of Pneumatic Tools, Air sanders, random orbital sanders,in Non-vacuum type, central-vacuum, and self-vacuum types. with 3", 5", 6" PSA pad or Velcro pad. we have the range of air polishers in vertical & angle / horizontal types, and belt sanders in 10mm & 20mm with standard and long belt, for most kinds of sanding / polishing jobs for woodworking / car repairing etc.


Professional 5" / 6" Air Orbital Sander (Non-Vacuum & Central-vacuum type)

* 12000RPM free round speed 

* Diameter Orbital: 5mm (3/16") & 2.5mm (3/32")

* Avg. air consumption: 4.0cfm (113L/min)

* Operating pressure: 90psi (6.3bar)

* Net weight: 0.85kgs (1.9 lbs)

* Light weight and low vibration.

* Orbital action makes swirl free finish

* Simple construction for easy maintenance and repairing.

* Quiet muffled for low noise.

* Rear exhausting.

*A-Weighted sound pressure:83dB(A)

*Vibration: <2.5m/S2

* Perfect for professional woodworking and automotive, body filler, fiberglass, metal and other surfaces.

DP-5411-3        3" Random orbital sander (Central-Vacuum type,attached with electric Vacuum cleaner)

DP-5411-3NV    3" Random orbital sander (Non-Vacuum type)

DP-5411-5        5" Random orbital sander (Central-Vacuum type,attached with electric Vacuum cleaner)

DP-5411-5NV    5" Random orbital sander (Non-Vacuum type)

DP-5411-6           6" Random orbital sander (Central-Vacuum type,attached with electric Vacuum cleaner)

DP-5411-6NV    6" Random orbital sander (Non-Vacuum type)



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