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 HVLP spray guns
hvlp spray gun sata type
HVLP air spray gun -SATA type with 600ml plastic cup
hvlp air spray gun
HVLP Spray Gun, SATA copy painting gun 1.4 1.7 2.0mm
gravity hvlp spray guns
HVLP spray gun Gravity feed type w/plastic or Alu. cup
air pneumatic paint spray gun
HVLP gravity feed spray gunwith 600ml & 1000ml cup
hvlp air paint spray guns
Gravity feed High volume low pressure HVLP paint spray gun
hvlp paint spray gun
HVLP paint spray gun -Porter Cable Type HVLP spray gun
Mini.HVLP Touch-up spray gun
Mini.HVLP Touch-up spray gun (Gravity) with 125ml or 150ml gravity cup
HVLP spray gun -SATA type
DP-6307/AS1006 1005
HVLP spray gun -SATA type (Gravity & Suction type) stainless steel nozzle/needle
lvlp air spray gun
Low volume low pressure LVLP paint spray gun with 1.4 1.3 1.8mm tip size
digital hvlp air spray guns
digital HVLP spray gun (digital or non-digital both available) with 600cc plastic cup
pneumatic spray gun digital type
HVLP paint spray gun digital type or non-digital type
mini.hvlp paint spray gun
DP-6353/MINI SATA3000
Mini.touch-up spray gun with 125ml cup
lvmp low volume medium pressure air spray guns
LVMP low volume medium pressure spray gun
lvmp low volume medium pressure air spray guns
HVLP high volume low pressure paint sprayer spray gun in Sagola / Sharge copy

What is HVLP?

HVLP spray gun (High volume low pressure paint sprayer) can supply 10 psi very low pressure at the air cap which the inlet pressure from the air compressor only need 25-45psi. it could generate the best automization with less over spray and blowback. but high transfer efficiency.
For the conventional spray gun, it's connected to the air compressor, without air regulator included. the air pressure is about 4-6bar (60-90psi), the high pressure will make the spraying paint very strong and blowback, it will waste too much of paint.
But the HVLP gun saved your cost for the paint. Even though the compressor is setted 60 or 90psi pressure, you can easily control the pressure from the Air Regulator which we strongly recommend you to use it, and set the pressure at 40psi or so through the air regulator. Normally our HVLP spray guns required about 4-6cfm/min air pressure, so it's better to chose 3hp air compressor or similiar with 25 or 50L tank.
Most of our HVLP spray guns have the regulators for easily controlling and adjusting. The inlet valve beside the inlet connector is for your adjusting of the air inlet pressure. and on the right of gun body the screw/knob is for adjusting the paint delivery. and meanwhile, the knob at side of gun is for adjusting the paint spraying pattern from round shape to fan shape with maximum 250mm width.
We have the cup in different capacity, both plastic and Aluminum cups available.
All the guns has stainless nozzle / needle and copper air cap ring. And we can make the guns in different tip size for your choice from 0.5mm to 2.5mm designed to deliver different materials such as enamels/ lacquers/ urethanes/ varnishes and stains etc which have their own levels of viscosity and each has its own proper certain size nozzle. The mini spray gun such as DP6306 / 6353 are mainly used for touch-up spray paint jobs for applying graphics to motorcycles or vehicles, and others used for painting entire vehicles, furnitures, house etc.


1. Set the air compressor at 90psi which means the compressor will deliver 90psi compressed air to the spray guns.
2. Pull the spray gun trigger, and set the air regulator to 40psi or so. which means the spray gun inlet pressure is 40psi. Higher pressure or lower is required which depends on different material and applying surface and different model.
3. Set the air inlet valve at the end of the handle so as to make sure the air volume remains steady.
4. Set the spraying patter by adjusting the knob at the side of the gun. you can easily adjust it by you right hand thumb to pull it clockwise or anticlockwise so as to set the patter from small round to big wide fan shape.
5. Set the painting output volume by adjusting the small round knob at the end of the gun body. Turn it clockwise will make the trigger needle with shorter stroke, and less paint delivery. anticlockwise will deliver more paint.

After completing all these adjustments process, the gun is ready to paint. With 40 psi at the gun inlet, the gun is spraying about 10 psi at the cap. it will supply best automization for your all kinds of painting jobs.
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