How to deal with Electrical Fire?

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In case of electrical fire, live fire should be avoided
    Electrical equipment, fire, cut off the power after the general should be off, to fight the blaze, which could reduce the risk. However, if the fire rapidly, and no time off or for some reason can not cut off the power, in order to fight fire time, to prevent the disaster to expand, it can conduct live fire. Live fire should note the following points:
    (1) not conducting live fire to use fire extinguishing agents, such as carbon dioxide, 1211, dry powder fire extinguishers. Do not use conductive extinguishing agents, such as water spray, foam and so on.
    (2) must pay attention to the surrounding environmental conditions. To prevent the body, hands, feet or use of fire equipment and an electric part of the direct contact or too close to part with an electric shock caused by accidents. Live fire, the fire-fighting personnel should wear insulated gloves.
(3) The failure of electrical equipment, such as the fallen wires, in the local area will have a step voltage. Therefore, in the fire fighting personnel must put on the rubber boots before entering the fire area.
 Should be prohibited to use a ladder irregularities
    Electrical use of aerial ladders are tools, shall be subject to security matters required to use the correct standard to prohibit the effect careless, or prone to personnel casualties.
    To use the correct specification is:
    (1) should be checked before using the ladder is solid, with or without damage. Iron ladder at the top of the word bolt connection is tightened well to restrict the spread of the parts are solid.
    (2) Place the ladder should be solid, smooth, not stand without the support of solid objects and walls, ladders to prevent slipping the roots should be prepared to measure the angle between the ladder and the ground to 60 ° is appropriate.
    (3) In the ladder operations, the staff should stand away from the ladder at the top of lm, and a foot hook ladder block, so the body can expand the scope of work activities, and will not stand for excessive force and dangerous instability.
    (4) was working on the ladder, shall be hand ladder and guardianship. There are two ladders on the same income may not work simultaneously, they can not move into the ladder.
    (5) moving the ladder, electrical equipment should be sufficient to maintain a safe distance.
    (6) can not stand the ladder on top of work, so very safe; in the word on the job ladder, are not allowed to use ride-style stand, this stand will work movement of the body, but also result in automatic slide open legs while the risk of falling.

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